Direct From Jeff:

Oh Mindy!

MINDY copyI’m SO saddened by this!

Her beautiful innocent children left behind… SUCH A TRAGEDY!!!

There will be those who say horrible things about her, those who remember her happier days, those who want to point the finger of blame at her, at others, even at themselves.

But she was somebody’s daughter, somebody’s Mother, somebody’s friend, and her loss will leave an emptiness in THEIR hearts and lives forever.

Unless you have been there though, it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand addiction, depression, and the debilitating, suffocating, IMPENETRABLE DARKNESS that comes with it!

I have been there and it can be SO blinding and overwhelming that you just want OUT. For it to be over. to just close your eyes and never have to open them again. It is truly a disease of mind, and of spirit.

My heart breaks for her and her family!

And I pray that God, in His infinite wisdom and understanding and compassion will help this incredibly talented yet tortured young woman finally find peace.

  1. Mar Jennings

    897 days ago

    Jeff, I can imagine how helpless you and others in Nashville are feeling over this. I sure am heartbroken for this outcome, too.

  2. marie

    897 days ago

    i remember mindy when she sang ten thousand angels.beautiful song. rest in peace,mindy. great post,jeff!

  3. Donna Floyd

    897 days ago

    This is so sad! I’m praying for her family.

  4. Jeff Bates

    897 days ago

    It’s not that I feel helpless. I just feel like that even though Mindy made some bad choices in her life, and they WERE HER choices, that somehow, we let her down.

    • felisa moore

      897 days ago

      rip mindy im sadden this happened! jeff u right she was somebodys daughter, mother and im sadden for her kids. i can relate to her i think everyone at sometime in there life have been depressed that is a terrible disease i wish she could have talk to somebody. she did make them choices but i feel like it werent coices she wanted. she didnt know which way to go. i lost my 16 yr old nephew to this n wheni read this i cried bc hes what i thought ab i felt like we let him down too n it hurts. this happened in 98 theres not a day that goes by i dont think of him bc i do all the the time. i could talk about him all day long. im just prayin she made peace with her maker and one day we will see her again. jeff cant wait to see u in mar at carolina civil center its been too long. i hope u n ur family are doin well? u have safe travling my friend n i will see u mar 9th i hope u sing hello darling :o ) plz open that up for me! take care n i will see u soon! i love u all!

      Felisa Moore

  5. sharon newsome

    895 days ago

    You right Jeff when a person is that depressed. he or she doesn’t think. AND yes we do close our eyes. Some are strong enough to fight it others are so lucky i could tell you more but not on fb

  6. linda

    894 days ago

    So sad & unnecessary,why does the press have to feed on people,when they are are at their lowest points?She knew their only interest in her was going to see her self implode & she did.I was so afraid for her & can”t believe they let her out of the treatment center so soon with her past history & the grieving state she was in.If she wasn’t high risk I don’t know who is.I hope there are people who knew her that will tell about good things about her life.I’m just a fan of her music & was really pulling for her.

  7. Tammy jones

    892 days ago

    So sorry for her kids and family, to bad she could not put her trust in the Lord like you did. He would have gave her peace.

  8. Dee Dee

    887 days ago

    Prayers for her babies n her family.. Jeff, you did a good job with this n it just shows what a good friend we all have in you. Take care n God Bless you n your family also. Love you, Dee Dee

  9. sheila fortenberry

    887 days ago

    Jeff, i have a friend thats going through the addiction thing with her son, she is so scared that it willl come to something like this , hes in jail right now and i pray when he gets out that he will be ok , will u please say a prayer for them

  10. Darla

    887 days ago

    As someone who has dealt with depression I can empathize with Mindy. It’s so sad that she was unable to find Gods grace and mercy. May God wrap her in his loving arms now. Prayers go out to her two beautiful children and her family. May god carry them through this very difficult time.

  11. Angel

    887 days ago

    your right Jeff Mindy mad some bad choices in her life. Many keep saying why didnt they keep her in. Im not sure their reasons but i do know from an outside seat the signs and symptoms that she needed more help than she received was there.. however A person has to want the help to get Well and thats not what I saw in her, unfortunately. My thoughts and prayers will continue to all who is affected by this loss..