Direct From Jeff:

Dear Mr. President and Elected Members of The House and Senate

First of all let me say that I’m just an old country boy from Mississippi, but I don’t have any trouble with reading comprehension or math. And my Daddy was adamant that I be educated thoroughly in the schools of common sense, hard work, goal orientation, and honesty and integrity!

Having said that, I am really struggling with a few simple things and need your help understanding them.

1: If I give up my guns to you to protect my children, WHO protects my children from YOU?

2: Please explain the difference in killing children with a gun and killing children by abortion? I am at a loss here!

3: If I pay more taxes to help cover YOUR debt… WHO covers MY debt?

4: If I own a small business and you increase the taxes on it to the extent that it can’t survive and I have to close the doors- Who’s going to cover YOUR debt AND your Salaries?

5: If I managed MY finances the way you manage The Federal Government’s finances WOULDN’T I GO TO JAIL??

6: If the rules and laws are different for you than the rest of us how is that different than a Monarchy or Dictatorship?


Why are you exempt from your own healthcare plan if it’s so great and why do you get to keep your second amendment rights but the rest of us don’t?

And finally…

7: If you take God out of EVERYTHING why would He want to stick around and bless ANYTHING?

Ladies and gentlemen of the government, your jobs are at stake here, but, more importantly, my FAMILY and my COUNTRY’s FUTURE is at stake here as well! I appreciate your consideration and prompt attention and answers to these questions so I can decide how I need to vote in the next election.


Jeff Bates

- American Citizen

  1. Sleighton Hebert

    884 days ago

    Well said if all Americans would stand up and ask the same questions we could show the world this is still the greatest country on earth. Thanks for the words of wisdom. God Bless The Working Man.

  2. Alan

    884 days ago

    Could not agree more!!

  3. Jeff Bates

    884 days ago

    I don’t believe all Americans care about these questions guys! But I am willing to bet more than half of us do!

  4. Bryan Martin

    883 days ago

    Jeff i couldnt agree more our bible and our gun go hand in hand and ill stand beside you til the end defending those rights that my family and friends fought and died for. My family is and always will be protected by a bible and a gun. I would really like to hear from you again i enjoyed meeting you in purvis where i opened up for you and could really use your counseling and advice know we love ya brother, sincerely Bryan, Bobbie jo, and the kids

  5. sheila fortenberry

    883 days ago

    i would really like answers to those questions as well,

  6. Tammy Cliburn

    883 days ago

    Loved your comments and I agree !

  7. Chele

    883 days ago

    Amen Jeff! Well said…. and in the words of Tiny TIm… “GOD bless us, everyone” :)

  8. Jeff Bates

    883 days ago

    Tiny tim had it RIGHT!!! If we can all find THAT again we’ll be just fine!

  9. Dana Barnum

    883 days ago

    One more question: If a 20% paycut for government employees, is acceptable as a way to save money and take care of the national debt, why not include yourselves as a government employee who gets a 20% paycut due to the sequestrian….why not participate as a citizen what you demand citizens to accept without options?

  10. Donna Martin

    883 days ago

    Amen! Well said I Agree! Pray for this nation! And all of us in it! God Bless !

  11. Susan

    883 days ago

    WELL SAID!!! The Bible is being fulfilled daily!! I pray and pray daily for the future for my precious grandchildren! My Faith in God is the only thing that gives me any hope for their future!! Thankful that ultimately, God holds our future, not our government! The saddest part is that our country is letting this all happen!! God bless you and your ministry!! Can’t wait to see you in Brewton, AL this weekend!!!

  12. Angel

    883 days ago

    Very well put Jeff…you always have a way of making me see things from multiple views… I wont even go where my state tends to lean.. cuz I don’t see eye to eye with their view… All americans may not care about these questions but they should! Thanks for the food for thought we were just talking about these questions and more the other day of all places in Nursing School :)

  13. Mary

    882 days ago

    I completely agree! Sadly, most of Americans that would also agree with you, will not stand up and defend what they believe in. They are lost in a fantasy that “it can’t happen here” mentality. I’m sure that is what the Jews said as Hitler took over and stripped them of everything right down to their very lives. People have to be more active in their lives and not expect someone else to see to their well being and liberties. We have to demand that respect for ourselves.

  14. Vickie

    882 days ago

    Well said Jeff, although…. I am sure you will not get an answer as they themselves do not know. May God bless you and your family and have a great day!!!

  15. marie devine

    882 days ago

    good questions,jeff.a lot of us would like to know those answers. god bless!!!!

  16. David seymour

    882 days ago

    Well said Jeff, I sometimes think the “elected officials” forgot who their employer is.

  17. Rosa Bibb

    881 days ago

    Jeff, you go. Great points and I wish more Americans would stand up for the cause. What is it they say “If you don’t stand for something” well we know the rest. Thank you!

  18. Jennifer

    879 days ago

    Jeff, I didn’t know you until now. You’re American through and through. Way to take your voice onto to something else. I hope you get some answers!

    I totally agree with everything you said.

  19. willam

    875 days ago

    he want do 20% of his money he wants ours.. he dont care about america

  20. Teresa

    874 days ago

    The Governor in Alabama vowed to not take a paycheck until all the people in his state that are able to work were employed. Pretty tall order, in my opinion. He is still standing by it.

    You sure don’t hear Obama or any of the Congressmen making statements like that. They aren’t willing to give up their benefit packages or even trim them back. Most Americans don’t have a clue what they keep after they are no longer serving in Congress. It’s really sad that people don’t educate themselves until it’s too late.

  21. Sharron

    873 days ago

    Very well said, Thank YOU for speaking up !!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. David G. Sisson

    863 days ago

    God bless you, brother. Eleven of my family and I have served our country to preserve these rights. If we do not take a stand and stand together, we WILL fall individually. I admire your stance and your sharing it with the country. Hopefully, some will wake up before it’s too late.

    Love in Christ

  23. Richard Shannon Sikes

    835 days ago

    I am a friend of Dale, Julie , Savannah and Madison. It sux that we have a president that’s an egomaniac and has no respaect for hard working, patriotic Americans and his only desire is to promote his agenda of socialism and distroy what this country stands for. I have an amazing story about 3 prayers that were answered resulting in God giving me the strength to stay clean and sober for over 5 years. 6 years July 22nd. I look forward to sharing it with you. I also have a tune that I made up on guitar that is very hard to play. I woke up around 4:30 a.m. and thought, maybe the Lords prayer, Our Father who art in Heaven, will fit to this tune., and it does., up to the point where it says, “in Earth as it is in Heaven.” I’d like for you to have it. It could be a nice introduction to a song. Check out the Church of Christ. Not the Morman Church of Christ., The non-denominational Church of Christ. It’s amazing to learn and follow the doctrines given by Jesus and the appostles for the original Church in our worship, service and our Christian faith as members of the Body of Christ/ the Church. We are baptised into Christ & added to His body. Praise God! I hope to see you the 4th. God bless you. Peace :-)