Direct From Jeff:

Blame Game

BlameHere is the way I see it!

And before I tell you how I see it let me explain my method of seeing: I know the stats, I READ A LOT and watch very little television, meaning I don’t get my news from MSNBC or CNN or ANYBODY that’s far left or far right. I get my news from several internet sources and I always cross reference them for accuracy and spin.

THEN I simplify. Some will even say I OVER simplify.

“SOME” can think what they want. It’s ok with me! LOL! I want to know what happened, who did it and what the underlying basic reason was. I don’t need it “SPUN” for me, I don’t need a “Talking head” on TV telling me what to think, I am perfectly capable of thinking for myself.

Having said all that, here is what I see:

When the current Democratic White House administration has a problem they blame either current or past Republican leadership.

When the Democratic Party as a whole has a problem they blame current or past Republican leadership.

When The Republican leadership has a problem they blame the current or past Democratic leadership.

When the Republican Party as a whole has a problem they blame the OLD GUARD Republicans or The NEW YOUNG REPUBLICANS (ok, Neo Conservatives).

What do I get from this?

1-We have no true leadership on either side

2-It’s always somebody else’s fault

3-The Buck doesn’t stop ANYWHERE- It just keeps getting passed around

4-Accountability in our current government (both parties) is non-existent

5-The ruling Democratic Party (yes I said RULING, maybe I should’ve said REIGNING) are all working TOGETHER as a whole

6- The current Republican Party is DIVIDED and POLARIZED to the point of incapacitation.

7- Points 5 and 6 have divided our COUNTRY to the point of being incapacitated as a nation.

BOTTOM LINE: IF there is a USA left to save after we all get through pointing fingers at one another, It’s going to take ALL OF US doing what Washington CAN’T and WON’T DO to solve our problems: COME TOGETHER AND WORK TOGETHER -SELFLESSLY-As a NATION- not as individuals with a selfish agenda.

I know, I know, that means we’ll actually have to start caring about each other just as much as we care about ourselves.

But believe it or not we HAVE done that before!

- Jeff

  1. Robert Evans

    877 days ago

    Your Right Jeff we don’t have any leadership left in this country. We need to have them have to account for what they do just as we have to. Some how they have made it seem that we work for them not they work for us. We need working people up their not what we have now.

  2. Chele

    876 days ago

    Once again, Jeff…AMEN!!!

    To quote the President (Jack Nicholson) in the movie Mars Attacks…..”Why can’t we all just get along?” To me, it doesn’t matter if your Democrat, Republican, or whatever…. WE are all AMERICANS and need to come together, as such, to get this country back on its feet.
    For those ‘officials’ that we elected into office…I’m starting to ask myself “WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING!???” All the name calling, finger pointing, ect….shoot it’s like we voted in a bunch of adolescents instead of mature adults who, we were made to believe, actually give a damn about this country.

    In the words of Earl Pitts….”Wake Up America!!!”

  3. Dana

    876 days ago

    It’s really sad, because our founding fathers and early legislators had the mindset of what was good for the country..what was going to go down in history ad structure for the pursuit of happiness and the American way. Unfortunately the paths have been paved for hide and seek game with individuals that are more interests in what their position does for themselves than what their position is supposed to do for our country. In almost any industry in the US, you can find people that would give the shirt off their backs to support what their gut holds a loyalty to….except in government….unfortunately those days are long gone. It’s a shame really…..

  4. marie devine

    876 days ago

    i love that post,jeff. it is so true!!!! have a great sunday and god bless!!!!!

  5. Debbie

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  6. Carolyn Loizzi

    810 days ago