Direct From Jeff:

Christian Minority?

JesusKnow what the Number 1 rated show on cable network television was last week?

THE BIBLE on the History Channel!!!


Hollywood is STUNNED! The critics are bashing it! The far left leaning liberals have been blindsided! You mean to tell me that it had more viewers than the pretentious American Idol and the scripted reality TV shows combined??

Main stream media is ignoring it mostly, other than a few over-opinionated journalists who for some reason believe they are smarter than the rest of us and feel compelled to tell us what it REALLY means! For example, one journalist spun it to say that “There is definitely a market for this kind of stuff in the Christian Minority groups in this country that Hollywood has been ignoring”!

Christian MINORITY?!?

When did Christians become a minority?

REALLY?? 247 MILLION people in a country of 315 MILLION Americans is a MINORITY?!?

(Ok, this is good place to pause and laugh)

Why is everyone so surprised? We live in a country where the Main Stream Media can’t be trusted to even do something as simple as report the truth without spinning it to support some special interest leeches higher up the political food chain, where politicians from BOTH political parties work harder at telling us lies and blaming the other party for our problems than they actually work at SOLVING our problems, where greed, corruption, and dishonesty are the new “NORM” and the loud minority complain about everything decent and good to the point that the SILENT MAJORITY of Us Christians end up letting them take God out of Schools, off Main Street, and out of public sight in the spirit of being tolerant when we really just don’t want to be bothered and we justify this by saying we’re turning the other cheek.

I’m sorry but COMPLACENCY does NOT classify as turning the other cheek!

As Christians many of us have become the tight lipped, judgmental, arm crossed guardians of the status-quo in our churches, protecting our precious RELIGIOUS traditions against the savage ravages of a younger generation who would worship in a more free way than we are comfortable with. We hold our pastors hostage with economic chains of control so we can have our ears tickled and our toes massaged instead of having them STEPPED on- then we wonder why no one is showing up for church on Sunday.

If a church in our community decides to get out of the boat and walk on the water by stepping outside their cozy church and having food drives and feeding and clothing the hungry and needy and taking care of the elderly and serving the sick then the rest of the churches in the community begin questioning their teaching and verbally crucifying the pastor and leaders of that church and tearing down their work in order to divert attention away from their own inadequacies as Christians in an increasingly Godless and lost society.

And we allow curriculum in our schools and universities that teaches religious tolerance of everything BUT Christianity and Jesus!

And while all this is going on people are hurting, confused, bewildered, unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives and longing for and actually crying out for REAL love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and TRUTH!!!!

Communities are dying out and Cities are being over run by crime and people are tired of it! Sick of it! AND it SCARES US!

To put it simply: people are looking for HOPE in a world of increasing hopelessness. And the ONE CONSISTENT source of that hope they seek is in a message that has not changed in over 2000 YEARS! That’s the message of Salvation and redemption through faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope and promise of a better life here and in God’s kingdom in The Bible.

Sadly, many of us will never realize that God is all we need- until God is all we have left.

The Bible. Check it out!

Good Mini-series on The History channel.


  1. Sharron

    849 days ago

    WOW…total truth !!! What America needs along with the rest of the world is that simple understanding of God, His word which has all the instruction we need for our life to be well lived. Critics will always be there, but in the end TRUTH is all we need. Thank you Jeff for bringing these issues to our awareness. Love these blogs. Many Blessings and keep speaking out !!!!

    • Dianna

      849 days ago

      Amen! Agree with all of it. Our churches are getting away from what is important. We don’t need our toes massaged, we NEED them stepped on to keep us on the right track and bring lost souls in. If people would follow God and not look at each other, we would be more of a Christian nation than we are. A TRUE Christian instead of the ones who call themselves so, yet doesn’t live it, really wants that close walk with God and does their best to make change in the world. We just need more of that! And more Blogs! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Sherry

    849 days ago

    Well said, Thank You!

  3. Elisha Edwards

    839 days ago

    Hi Jeff everyday I know what God has laid on my heart to do is so right. I know you are so busy please when you get a chance please give me a call so i can send you some information .Thanks for being such a blessing.Thanks Elisha

  4. Joyce Partin Riley

    837 days ago

    We Christian’s are sometimes silent in KY, but that does not mean that we are compliant. A few years ago a ruling came down that allowed our courts to again display the 10 commandents in our court rooms and court houses. That was all fine and well because we had never removed them in the first place.

  5. Carolyn Loizzi

    808 days ago


    You really need a share button on here, because I have to send this to my pastor, Winson Butler, at Dinsmore Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. You told it like it is, just like he does, & he cannot help but appreciate your view on this. Hope you don’t mind but I will be copy & pasting this to him in an email.