Direct From Jeff:

Let Me Tell You About Freedom…


I saw this picture…And I remember feeling this way a few times in my life.

I didn’t like me with that much pride.

Nobody else did either.

Today I cry and laugh and feel thousands of other emotions freely, thanks to God.

See, Freedom is why I do what I do.

Freedom to make the music I want to make, freedom to FEEL what I need to feel without judgement, freedom to cry or laugh without worrying about what others think, freedom to live and be happy-just the way God planned.

I’m not a preacher, not a pastor, not minister, not an evangelist.

I’m just a singer with a truth to tell in music and testimony about what God has done in my life.

And I would LOVE the opportunity to come to YOUR TOWN, and YOUR CHURCH and share my story with you!

Contact Melissa at 615-410-1782 if you are interested or email her at

Thank you!



  1. Sharron

    828 days ago

    One of the most inspiring testimonies you will ever hear,
    Jeff truly possess a rare gift to motivate people to reach inside
    of themselves and focus less on what they are and more on
    what they can become. Humor and honesty accentuated with
    enthusiasm and love are just some of the gifts that Jeff Bates
    brings to a most enlightening testimony. Everyone will walk
    away with insight and motivation, and a better understanding of
    oneself and the relationship that is there for the asking with a loving
    God and true friend in Jesus Christ.

  2. Dana Barnum

    815 days ago

    Freedom is and interesting possession. Here in the US, we all have it, but so few of us understand it. We allow so many things or people to influence us, because we have the freedom to allow the influences. What we tend to miss out on is the freedom of choosing our influences in positive or negative structures. Yes, at first, at a young age, we are influenced by the environment we are in. That is something we do not have a voice for. However, as we grow older, we are intercepted in the many circles. We have a duty to encourage others, as they approach the age of decision making, and to be a representation of the joy that we have been blessed with as Christians. Let’s face it….sometimes life just plain ole sucks! But we have been empowered through the blood of Jesus Christ to be strong to overcome trials, not always the way we want, but the way it’s supposed to be. If Christ is for me, who can be against me? This is a powerful freedom, Jeff! It is something that can strengthen so many when they just feel like there is no other way. Too many try to see (and be) a perfect Christian. Christians aren’t perfect. Christians are to be nothing more than Christ-like, not Christ himself. We still have emotions. Like Jesus, we get angry, we are bothered, we have joy, we encourage, we share, we suffer, we are comforted, and we are passionate and compassionate. When people don’t understand the freedom of having a loving Comforter to call upon, we fill that void with negative structured influences….substances, people, drama….choices. Thank you, Jeff. For continuing to spread the word of the choices you’ve made that put you in a dark place in life, and for your testimony of how you exercised your freedom to accept the love of Jesus Christ to comfort you, to guide you, to direct you away from that bondage…. in your mind, body, and soul. NOT to make you perfect, but to bring light to the perfect freedom we have in our Savior. When we look deep within our own minds and hearts….we will find that purpose in life that we were meant to use as a tool to continue to bring glory to God. We are all individually equipped to carry out our duties as Christians. How will you exercise your freedom?