Direct From Jeff:

When We Can’t “Feel” God


Are you familiar with Him?

His death?

He hung on a cross, flesh ripped to shreds by the Roman whip, the scripture says He was beaten so badly he could hardly be recognized. He KNEW HIS HEAVENLY FATHER INTIMATELY. Knew what God “felt” like. KNEW IT BETTER THAN YOU OR I. Knew HIM better than you or I. And to top it all off – Jesus even knew the scripture that prophesied His own death. AND knew of His own resurrection. Yet still, in Jesus’ darkest hour, before he breathed His final dying breath, He cried out in the most horrible anguish imaginable:




Even the Son of God had a period of time where HE couldn’t “feel” God’s presence!!

But take note of His actions: He could have commanded a legion of angels at ANY MOMENT to remove Himself from the cross, to tend His wounds, and could have indeed restored His own health! Yet even at the point of not feeling God’s presence with Him at all, Jesus CONTINUED IN FAITH with what He KNEW TO BE THE RIGHT ACTION FOR HIMSELF!!!

FAITH is BELIEVING and ACTING on that BELIEF regardless of what others SAY, what we FEEL to the contrary, or even what we SEE. There is not ONE SINGLE TEST, TRIAL, or TRIBULATION that we will face in our lives that Jesus Himself hasn’t faced. He was EXACTLY as human as you and I. And it’s easy to let Satan and Ego take hold of our mind and justify our own weakness by simply saying: “Yeah, but He was THE SON OF GOD!” And He truly was and IS. But in Psalms we are told we are gods! Reminded by God Himself that we are Sons and daughters of God. Jesus reminds us of this fact in John 10:34!!! We are SONS and DAUGHTERS of GOD ! All we have to do is remember and BELIEVE!!!

Will we always “feel” God? NO!! Our SIN, our human weaknesses of the flesh and its desires will SEPARATE GOD from us because HE WILL NOT and CAN NOT be where sin is. But HE only hates the SIN and not the forgiven sinner! What that means for US is that sometimes we are seeking the “feeling” rather than the “knowing” and “trusting”. When we do that we actually shift our own focus from GOD to SELF and OUR desire to CONTROL the manifestation of God in our lives! Even this is an act of refusal to surrender to God’s will. When we do this we are trying to impose our will on God. It doesn’t work.

Even Jesus submitted Himself to God’s authority and will when He said in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Not MY will but YOUR will be done!”

But even through this He is STILL VERY MUCH AT WORK in our lives– sending us answers and people as we need them, ALL JUST BECAUSE HE LOVES US and is clearing the way through our actions and the actions of others so He CAN be close enough to us to be “felt” by us again!!!

SO….just like Jesus… we ACT with the FAITH that God is with us whether we FEEL Him or not!

That faith and its actions will NOT go unrewarded. And we must also remember that SATAN IS ALIVE AND WELL and one of his favorite things to do is to get BETWEEN us and God and to FEED OUR FEAR to the point that we will just give up and give in to total despair! He feeds our FEAR, our DOUBT, our LONELINESS, to the point that even DEATH seems like a welcome alternative!!!

We CAN NOT BUY INTO HIS DECEPTIONS!!! He was a LIAR and a MURDERER from the start!

WE are living ,breathing saved children of GOD! But we have to claim that heritage through faith and surrender and our actions!

  1. Alan

    586 days ago

    Well put Jeff, much of the time we let our pride get in the way, but that doesnt mean to ever give up trying! You oughtta plan a couple shows for MO, we miss you up this way!!

  2. Debbie

    401 days ago

    Awesome post. Renews my Faith just by reading this. I love your music. Your songs go straight for the heart. I love ” Long, Slow Kisses” and “I Wanna Make You Cry”. Also “Momma was a lot like Jesus” and “Wings of Momma’s Prayers” ands infant more. I would love for you to come to the Barboursville, WV area. Thank you so much for all that you do. I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Pattie Neal

    202 days ago

    Thanks Jeff, greatly enjoyed. And you are greatly miss. Glad to see you have hooked up with Conway, one if my all time favorites. Keep up the wonderful work. I as a fellow recovering addict by the grace of God would like to encourage you. I think you are doing a great ministry.