Direct From Jeff:

WAITIN’ ON A WOMAN… (Me And Conway)


I know, I know, I have been saying for months now that the new CD, called Me and Conway would be ready by November 15th.

And I wish I could tell you that it is, but I gotta be honest and tell you that it just isn’t quite done yet!

And I promise you I am just as disappointed as you are!!

It’s CLOSE- but not quite there for a couple of reasons.

One reason is that it has been the absolute worst allergy season for me vocally that I’ve ever experienced in my life. EVER!!

I’m singing fine, but there’s been for the last 3 months just enough hoarseness in my voice to make me not sound my best in the studio. And it shows in the recordings.

We’ve recorded all the music with some of the best musicians in the business, some of whom even played on Conway’s original albums! It really sounds awesome and I can’t WAIT for you to hear it! My voice is healing nicely and the allergies are starting to fade.

So please bear with me.

The 2nd reason and the BIGGEST reason that Me And Conway isn’t ready yet is really quite simple:

I’m waiting on a woman!

Yeah that’s right, there’s a particular woman who promised me she would sing on this album with me, and I simply can not release any of it until she is ready and able to record her vocals.

I can’t say who she is publicly yet, but I can say that this woman is most definitely worth waiting for!!

I don’t mind waiting for her at all, and I hope YOU don’t mind waiting on this album with me for just a little longer!

My sincerest apologies to you all!

Thank you, and God Bless you!

Jeff Bates

  1. andrea

    248 days ago

    cant wait!!

  2. Angel

    244 days ago

    So very excited. Cant wait to hear this album. If we must wait.. so be it. we know it will be great and that alone is worth the wait :)

  3. Karen Kochell

    211 days ago

    Hello Jeff,

    I just saw that you are going to do a Stage it!!!!!I. I think this is GREAT!!! Gives the ones of us that haven’t seen. You a chance to see you!!! I can’t wait until March 6th.

    I also saw that you wil be at Renfro Valley immune!!! I love coming there to see you and buy some fudge there in the shops.

    We’ve had a lot of snow and cold weather and I need to get away. I retired from teaching after 26 years.
    I will miss the children.

    Well, take care and I’ll be waiting for Stage it!!!


  4. Chele

    15 days ago

    Just listened to the lil teaser of “Don’t Take It Away” and I gotta say that I am now on pins & needles….Can’t wait to hear the whole CD

  5. Rhonda white

    15 days ago

    When I first heard your voice it gave me chills. I have loved Conway since I was a little girl listening to him on 8 tracks. You have a amazing voice ! Keep up the good work.